Advanced Wound Therapy Device

Clinical Evidence

The recent clinical study by Naik et al, 2019 has demonstrated that WoundExpress is highly effective in reducing the size of ‘hard to heal’ ulcers. In the 21 patient study, the average reduction in wound size was 44% with only 8 weeks of therapy. Most of these wounds were present for more than one year. 48% were of mixed aetiology and 52% were VLUs. 

The average VAS pain score also reduced from 34 to 15 with 5% of patients reducing their level of analgesics. 

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WoundExpress Case Study
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WoundExpress White Paper
Chronic wound sites by  Morris et al
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Posters presented at Wound Care Today Conference
26-27 Feb 2020

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Abstracts presented at Wound Care Today Conference
26-27 Feb 2020

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Making The Case
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