Advanced Wound Therapy Device

What is WoundExpress?

The WoundExpress is a wound Therapy Device clinically proven to assist in the healing of acute venous leg ulcers, or “hard to heal wounds”. WoundExpress therapy is delivered via a pump and garment, which operates by using low pressure air to deliver a compression therapy, sometimes referred to as Intermittent Pneumatic Compression therapy. 

How does it work?

The gentle massaging effect of the 3 chambers in the leg garment, draws venous blood from the wound site, encouraging improved arterial blood flow into the leg. This overall effect increases venous return and aids the healing process of the ulcer. 

Designed to be simple to use, the Wound Express is ideal for use in the home and the single patient use garment can be easily fitted onto the thigh of the ulcerated leg. The lightweight, portable and quiet pump allows the two hour therapy cycle to be delivered whilst minimising disruption to lifestyle an daily activities.