Advanced Wound Therapy Device

What is WoundExpress?

The WoundExpress comprises a single patient use garment and a pump. Treatment has been shown to be effective from as little as 8 weeks in significantly reducing the size of a chronic leg ulcer. The WoundExpress system has a specially designed three chamber garment that attaches to the pump which has a unique, patented timing cycle that augments venous and arterial blood flow.

WoundExpress, uses Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) to increase blood flow around the leg ulcer. Unlike standard treatment, the Wound Express universal garment has been designed to be placed on the thigh of the ulcerated limb and not on the wound site. The garment is easily applied by the patient and is used for only 2 hours per day as an adjunct to standard treatment.

How does it work?

The garment is inflated to 60mmHg in a peristaltic action which draws the venous blood from the wound site. By inflating the garment in this special sequence, venous blood flow is increased, even in the presence of venous insufficiency, since reflux is prevented. This effect reduces the venous and interstitial pressure and increases the pressure gradient across the arterial venous pathway, distal to the garment.

The result is the removal of high levels of accumulated carbon dioxide and metabolic waste products from the wound site. The arterial inflow to the leg subsequently increases and encourages the flow of nutrient and oxygen rich blood into the affected region of the wound, promoting enhanced wound healing performance.

WoundExpress Brochure PDF