Wound Management during COVID-19

Wound Management during COVID-19

Wound Management during the COVID-19 outbreak

During these extraordinary times, as the world battles COVID 19, there have been many changes to the way healthcare is delivered. In the field of wound care, a reduction in face to face visits for dressing changes and consultations by practice nurses, community nurses and wound specialists may have resulted in the implementation of interim wound management plans, particularly for those patients placed under isolation or quarantine. There is an increasing reliance on self-care, with patients themselves or family members undertaking dressing changes.

Huntleigh’s WoundExpress can support patients who are self-managing leg ulcers.

Through the provision of advanced, home-based, patient controlled, wound care therapy. For patients with venous leg ulcers who are perhaps unable to self-apply their usual compression therapy in the form of bandages or wraps, the WoundExpress provide a safe and clinically proven method of improving venous return (Rhys Morris’ White Paper).

The WoundExpress is clinically proven to assist in the healing of acute venous leg ulcers, or “hard to heal wounds” (Naik et al 2019). Therapy is delivered via a pump and garment, which operates by using low pressure air to deliver a compression therapy, sometimes referred to as Intermittent Pneumatic Compression therapy.

Designed to be simple to use, the Wound Express is ideal for use in the home, the garment can be easily fitted onto the thigh of the affected leg and the quiet pump allows the two hour therapy cycle to be delivered whilst minimising disruption to lifestyle and daily activities.

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